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Cupping can be used for conditions such as injury rehabilitation, relaxation, pain relief, common cold and depression.

Cupping is a traditional pain-free Chinese therapy where glass cups are applied to the skin to create a mild suction which promotes blood and lymph flow. Cupping removes stagnation in the body and opens meridians to ensure free flowing qi. It is also helpful to revitalise organs and meridians that may not be performing at their best.

Have you suffered from an injury?

Cupping can assist in recovery by gently pulling up any old blood close to the surface of the skin that may have leaked into surrounding tissues causing blockage, adhesion and pain. Cupping draws out stagnant blood and pulls new blood and nutrition into the tissues allowing a faster recovery and reducing your pain.

Please contact us to experience this effective and relaxing technique developed over thousands of years.

Acupuncture and IVF

MaxWell Clinic is one of a few fertility focused acupuncture clinics in Auckland. We provide Acupuncture for fertility / infertility and acupuncture with IVF, IUI, and other assisted fertility treatments as well as male fertility and acupuncture during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Acupuncture is safe, drug free and has been traditionally used for thousands of years to help manage many common conditions that occur during pregnancy. 

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