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Professional Associates

We have a number of professional associates that we work with.


Osteopathy is the science of observing the bone “osteo” and testing, manipulating and working with the joints of the body to promote over all health.

Waitakere Osteopathy

A husband and wife team (John and Joanne Stutton) both qualified through the distinguished UK Osteopathy standard and have run successful practices in the UK. I have worked alongside them for the past three years and recommend them for those that have acute and chronic neck shoulder and back pain.

Orewa Osteopathy

Hamish Syrett is an extremely through and established Osteopath. He has a great talent for diagnosing difficult and challenging injuries. I recommend him to anyone north of the Harbour Bridge.

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic care is based on the fact that the central nervous system (brain and spine) controls everything in our bodies. If there is pressure on the nerves of the spine (called a subluxation) then this in turn can effect the organs, muscles, etc that it controls.

Simply Chiropractic

Ali Postles comes from a well known family of Chiropractors. She specialises in working with mothers and children. Her style has been fine tuned over years and is very gentle and extremely effective.


Physiotherapy endeavours to provide a diagnosis of your injury, a treatment and recovery plan which can often include acupuncture, stretches and exercise and occasionally massage.

Kenetics Physiotherapist Orewa

Robert Knight is a Physiotherapist with vast experience and knowledge. His diagnosis skill and service is well known and respected.

Natural Fertility

Natural Fertility New Zealand

I am a accredited Natural Fertility Educator. Natural Fertility New Zealand is a not for profit organisation that trains and manages consultants to promote and provide a scientific based service to those wishing to understand their own fertility.

Assisted Fertility Clinics

I work with clients who attend either one of the below clinics. Today 1 in 5 couples are having issues with fertility and these clinics offer a wide range of assisted fertility options with the first round of IVF treatment free under public funding.

There are three major Assisted Fertility clinics is Auckland.

Repro Med

Dr Guy Godex Is the medical director of the Repro med Clinics with 20 years experience in the field. Repro Med are a smaller clinic and offer a nurturing and personalised professional service. They have always been supportive towards Acupuncture and Natural Fertility New Zealand. Repro Med also understands and appreciates the importance of a Holistic approach to Fertility.

Fertility Plus

Fertility Plus is part of the Auckland DHB public health service. Feedback from my clients is that they offer a slightly more conservative approach to fertility and provide a very supportive and efficient environment

Fertility Associates

FA has a professional and very proficient fertility service. Most of my clients that have used Fertility Associates have had a positive experience and outcome.

Professional Associations

New Zealand Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Society

I am currently secretary of this Professional Body. We provide education seminars, professionally support our members and promote Chinese Medicine to the general public. We are proud to be celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2013.

New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority

I am a registered member of New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority (NZASA). NZASA Inc is a voluntary, standards-based registration authority, recognised in ACC legislation, that ensures practitioners meet the standards to practice safely and are able to contract their services to ACC

New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine

I am a bachelor graduate of the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine (NZCCM). Currently I am on the academic advisory board to the College. NZCCM delivers a programme that has an authentic and deep understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

World Federation of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Societies

I am a council member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine (WFCMS).

WFCMS is an international organisation based in Beijing. The societies main directive is to promote, standardise and ensure a high level of Traditional Chinese Medicine is presented to the global community

Acupuncture and IVF

MaxWell Clinic is one of a few fertility focused acupuncture clinics in Auckland. We provide Acupuncture for fertility / infertility and acupuncture with IVF, IUI, and other assisted fertility treatments as well as male fertility and acupuncture during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Acupuncture is safe, drug free and has been traditionally used for thousands of years to help manage many common conditions that occur during pregnancy. 

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