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About Us

Justin DwenJustin Dwen is an ACC registered acupuncturist holding a New Zealand Degree in Health and Science majoring in Acupuncture.

Justin has a particular expertise in injury recovery and Natural Fertility. He holds a Diploma of Chinese Massage, a Certificate of Fitness Management and is an accredited Natural Fertility educator. He is currently the secretary of the New Zealand Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Society and a council member of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Justin gained an interest in holistic health through witnessing his father’s natural recovery from a life threatening terminal condition. As an acupuncturist working within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) model, Justin applies these ancient techniques to complement our modern lifestyle. Justin appreciates the TCM model’s consistency, with particular regard to the diagnosis and treatment principles that have been developed over thousands of years.

He has seen first-hand the true value of TCM and is passionate about working alongside conventional medicine and treating the root cause of disease.

Acupuncture and IVF

MaxWell Clinic is one of a few fertility focused acupuncture clinics in Auckland. We provide Acupuncture for fertility / infertility and acupuncture with IVF, IUI, and other assisted fertility treatments as well as male fertility and acupuncture during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Acupuncture is safe, drug free and has been traditionally used for thousands of years to help manage many common conditions that occur during pregnancy. 

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