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Acupuncture and IVF

MaxWell Clinic is one of a few specialist fertility acupuncture clinics in Auckland. We provide Acupuncture for fertility / infertility and acupuncture with IVF, IUI, and other assisted fertility treatments as well as male fertility and acupuncture during pregnancy.
Our Natural Fertility consultations are structured to help you conceive and maximise your chances of successful fertilisation.

Acupuncture can improve fertility by:

• Relaxing the patient and reducing stress / anxiety levels
• Increasing the blood flow to the ovaries and improving egg production
• Increasing blood flow to the uterus and improving the quality of the uterine lining
• Regulating hormones and the menstrual cycle
• Increasing live birth rates and reducing the chance of miscarriage

Acupuncture during in vitro fertilisation (IVF)

Following years of research, it is now a well known fact that using fertility acupuncture during IVF can increase the success rate of the IVF treatment. Undergoing IVF can be a stressful time, mentally physically and emotionally, so it’s important to be in the best possible health before beginning the IVF treatment.

How do the acupuncture sessions work?

Ideally patients will have a weekly visit during the month prior to the embryo transfer taking place. These sessions can help manage stress levels and allows the practitioner to prepare the patient for the IVF treatment. On the day of the embryo transfer, two fertility acupuncture treatments are conducted, immediately before and after the transfer. Follow-up treatments in the weeks following are scheduled as required.

If you are about to begin your IVF cycle and haven’t left time for the lead up treatment, using acupuncture on the day of transfer can still improve your chances of a positive pregnancy outcome.

• Three months full preparation and body balance
This three month course of treatment begins with a full wellness assessment and traditional diagnosis session. Regular fertility acupuncture treatments allow us to focus on all areas of the body to address imbalances and manage stress levels. We also provide nutritional and lifestyle advice including natural fertility education, detox options and allergy testing services.

• Body balance
Body balance focuses on addressing imbalances within the body to encourage the flow of qi (energy) before IVF treatment. It involves a weekly fertility acupuncture visit one month prior to starting your IVF treatment.

• Support treatments
On the day of IVF treatment, transfer or insemination two fertility acupuncture treatments immediately before and after.

Male fertility

The health of the sperm is important for the health of the embryo and therefore the pregnancy success. Fertility Acupuncture has been shown to improve the quality, quantity and motility of sperm.

We are located in Grey Lynn, Central Auckland which is no more than 20 mins drive from all of the major fertility clinics in Auckland.

Please contact us to discuss how acupuncture can support you leading up and during your IVF treatments.